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We manufacture the best quality cattle feed.  Our state of art modern plant produces hygienic high quality enriched feed for live stock.

  • At Rainbow Agri Industries Ltd, we manufacture high quality, enriched cattle feed using semi-automatic state-of-art equipments with computerised batching.
  • Our cattle feed is made from the best raw materials and enriched with the essential nutrients required for healthy cattle.
  • We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of poultry and cattle feed in Western India.
  • We are producing products of high-quality that are manufactured from best quality raw material enhanced with necessary supplements and micro nutrients.
  • We can manufacture various cattle feeds in customized forms for calves and milking cows.
  • At Rainbow Agri Industries Ltd, we strive to uphold our high standards of purity and high quality by strict quality control on input material and output products.
  • Our feeds are made under strictly adhered to hygienic and clean conditions inside the manufacturing premises and controlled atmosphere.
  • Our feed is economically cheaper without compromise on nutrient content and is enriched with protein, energy, minerals, vitamins.
  • Our Cattle Feed has the necessary minerals needed for bone development.

  • Our Cattle Feed can be customized.

  • Our High quality feed has protein upgrades, minerals, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrate upgrades, and other essential supplements.

  • Our feeds use high quality grains, vitamins, supplements, minerals, and amino acids that help to provide proper nourishment. 

  • Our feeds are of high quality thereby ensuring good health of the cattle.

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our feeds

 Exceptional pure high quality nutritious feed filled with essential macro & micro nutrients.



  • Our integrated facility at Pune plant adapts the best internationally accepted nutritional policies and thus provides transformative, innovative and sustainable  answers to the need of cattle industry. 
  • Our Cattle feed is a well-balanced source of essential nutrients required for enhancing milk production.  At our plant, we use good quality grains, oil cakes / meals, minerals, vitamins etc., in appropriate proportion and  produce the desired quality of cattle feed.  The product prepared by us in highly palatable to the animals. 
  • Our product lines include feed ingredients, feed formulations, compound feed, premises, feed additives and customized products. 
  • In general Cattle feed contains protein, energy, minerals and vitamins required for overall growth of milching animals. At the same time, it increases reproductive efficiency, milk production as well as fat content of milk. 
  • We strive to perform our activities with extraordinary moral principles and attitude with strong sense of responsibility, supervision and gurarantee.
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Exceptional high quality nutritious products fortified with the right nutrients your livestock needs.


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Technical standards of Cattle feeds

Exceptional High Quality Cattle Feed available in standard forms and customized forms for milking cows and calves.

National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) and the veterinary department instilled tremendous confidence in the minds of cattle farm owners and thus played an important role in overall growth in demand of cattle feed in the country. With that a large number of farms have been developed on scientific lines in the country.  To cater to this ever growing demand of cattle feed in Western region, which provides balanced nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals for consumption in cattle farms, we commissioned this plant at Pune which is mainly an agrarian city.


Our process is mainly consisting of reduction of size and blending of the various ingredients which are passed though a disintegrator / pulverisor to reduce it to desired mesh size and blended with vitamins, minerals, mixer and molasses and then extruded in pellet form which is ready for dispatch.


A good quality cattle feed is provided for good health, proper growth and better production in different stages of animals life and in varying seasons. By having proper and well balanced cattle feed management, cattle farm owners will be in a position to improve their farm earnings.

Cattle feed concentrates are feeds that contain high density of nutrients which are generally low in crude fiber content and high in total digestible nutrients. The fundamental role of cattle feed concentrate is to deliver resolute sources of essential and important nutrients of energy and protein as well as vital nutrients such as amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins, among others.

We can customize our feeds